Simrad SP70 hull unit

In order to fit various vessel sizes, the Simrad SP70 can be provided with any of the following hull units.

  • SP73 - Lowers the transducer array 1200 mm, maximum vessel speed is 25 knots
  • SP74 - Lowers the transducer array 1600 mm, maximum vessel speed is 20 knots
  • SP75 - Lowers the transducer array 1000 mm, maximum vessel speed is 15 knots

Hull unit familiarization

The standard SP75 Hull Unit is designed to lower the transducer 1 meter below the ship’s hull. The transducer can also be lowered to any selectable middle position. Note that in case of voltage failure, the array can be manually hoisted or lowered by means of a hand crank. The spherical transducer with 241 elements allows the sonar beam to give full 360° coverage of the water volume around and below the vessel.

(A) = Upper limit switch S304

(B) = Transducer shaft

(C) = Lower limit switch S305

(D) = Air bleeding cock

(E) = Hoist motor

(F) = Motor Control Unit

(G) = Gantry

(H) = Oil reservoir

(I) = Mounting flange

(J) = Installation trunk

(K) = Transducer


Outline dimension drawings

The outline dimension drawings for the Simrad SP73, SP4 and SP75 hull units are included with the installation documents. These may be downloaded in PDF and DWG formats.