Simrad SP60 summary

Cost effective long range, low frequency fish finding sonar for small to medium purse seiners

Note that this product has been discontinued.
The Simrad SP60 is a compact and cost effective sonar for small to medium purse seiners. With long and short range performance, it is ideal for searching and catching. The different search modes, combined with the vertical views, makes the SP60 sonar an efficient tool for securing a valuable catch in the shortest time possible.

The Simrad SP60 provides you with a high powered frequency modulated (FM) transceiver. It contains special receiver filters which enhances the fish detection under difficult conditions, while still extending the detection range. The long-range capability of the Simrad SP60 sonar is achieved by a combination of a highly efficient transducers and extremely sensitive receivers. Signals from the full-circle transmission show real time echoes from a large area around the vessel. Installing the multi frequency option, lowering the operating frequency to 20 kHz, further extends the detection range. The Simrad SP60 also has exceptional short range performance with clear target resolution and vertical view.

With a Simrad PI Catch monitoring system connected, the correct depth and sink rate of the net will be shown in relation to the school and the bottom. This allows you to kepp full control of the school during catch.


The sonar’s compact hull unit and transceiver unit requires a minimum of space in the sonar room.

The combination of the long- and short range performance makes the Simrad SP60 the natural choice for high performance coastal seiners.