Simrad SP60 Hull unit

The Hull Unit is used to lower the transducer array down below the ship's hull when the sonar is to be used, and to retract it for safe keeping when the sonar is switched off.

The hull unit supplied with the SP60 fish finding sonar will lower the transducer array 1000 mm. When lowered, the maximum vessel speed is 15 knots.



The standard SP60 hull unit is designed to lower the transducer 1 meter below the ship’s hull. The transducer can also be lowered to any selectable middle position. Note that in case of voltage failure, the array can be manually hoisted or lowered by means of a hand crank. The spherical transducer array with 128 elements allows the sonar beam to give full 360° coverage of the water volume around and below the vessel.

(A) = Upper limit switch S304

(B) = Transducer shaft

(C) = Lower limit switch S305

(D) = Air bleeding cock

(E) = Hoist motor

(F) = Motor Control Unit

(G) = Gantry

(H) = Oil reservoir

(I) = Mounting flange

(J) = Installation trunk

(K) = Transducer

Installation documents

Applicable technical drawings for hull unit installation are provided in PDF and DWG format. Observe the downloads.