Simrad SH80 System description

The Simrad SH80 fish finding sonar is an omnidirectional high frequency sonar. It is designed for fishing vessels of all sizes, both purse seiners and trawlers.

The standard frequency is 116 kHz (multiple frequencies as option), and the beam can be electronically tilted from +10 to -60°.

Great emphasis has been placed on giving the best possible presentations on a high resolution colour display. The processor unit is controlled by Microsoft's Windows XP® operating system, which result in a flexible choice of display modes for a large range of user applications.

The signal processing and beamforming is performed in a fast digital signal processing system using the full dynamic range of the signals. In addition to the traditional single frequency transceiver system, the SH80 sonar contains an advanced frequency modulated filter system (FM).

The cylindrical multi-element transducer allows the omni-directional sonar beam to be tilted electronically down to -60 degrees. This allows you to automatically track schools of fish, and to observe the whole water volume around the vessel. A stabilization system is included for electronic pitch and roll compensation.