Simrad SH80 Fish finding sonar

The Simrad SH80 is a fish finding sonar offering high resolution and high frequency

Due to these qualities, the Simrad SH80 fish finding sonar detects weak and scattered targets even under difficult conditions.

Note that this product has been discontinued.
Some say that the Simrad SH80 is the perfect "catching machine". It is ideal for mackerel and tuna detection, and the combination of horizontal and vertical beams will show you the school of fish from both above and from the front at the same time. This gives you vital school data, even without passing over the target.

Full beam stabilization maintains a clear picture of the target in rough seas and the multi-frequency functionality rejects interference from other vessels. The Simrad SH80 is equipped with a dual mode, so you actually get two sonars on the same screen. Individual frequencies, tilt angles, ranges, gain and filters can be used on these two sonar presentations.

The flexibility of the screen presentation gives an optimal overview of the catch situation, where all vital data of fish and gear is displayed. There is no reason why you should loose an interesting target.