Simrad SH40 software releases

Software releases
The latest version of the Simrad SH40 operational software is release 1.5.0.

The new software version includes:

  • New transmission pulse form PSK (Phase Shift Keying)
  • Finer adjustment of the RCG (Reverberation Controlled Gain) setting.
  • General performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Reverberation Controlled Gain (RCG) regulates the receiver gain individually for each of the 64 receiving beams. You can now choose from ten different settings (including OFF). Setting 7 corresponds to previous setting Weak, while settings 8 and 9 correspond to previous settings Medium and Strong respectively.In the Phase Shift Keying (PSK) mode, the transmitter pulse changes phase several times during the 10,4 milliseconds transmission pulse. This phase shift provides a high resolution presentation with retention of the energy of the total pulse length. The frequency of the pulse is constant, and equal to the selected frequency (if optional multiple frequencies are installed).


Do I need an upgrade?

Simrad recommends that all Simrad SH40 users update their software to the latest version. The upgrade may for example take place during the next vessel overhaul.

To check your current software version, go to the Setup menu, and click Test to open the System test menu. Then, click About to investigate the current software version. If the About dialogue does not show version 1.5.0, your software should be upgraded.


Contact your local dealer, or Simrad's support organisation, for instructions. The software can not be downloaded from this web site.

Additional information

A Software Release Note has been issued. Observe the Documents link on the right hand side.