Simrad PI Spread Installation

In order to make accurate spread measurements, the sensors must be installed on the two trawl doors.

First, the sensor adaptors must be properly installed, and their protective cages must be fabricated correctly for the system to operate as designed.

Misaligned sensors or cages that interfere with the sensors communication signals will negatively effect system performance. It is therefore highly recommended that the installation of the sensor adapters is not be hastily undertaken, but rather carefully planed and then executed.


A: The PI Spread sensor is mounted on the port door
B: The PI Remote (or PI Remote/Depth) sensor is mounted on the starboard door
C: Communication link between the PI Spread sensor and the PI hydrophone, provides the distance between the trawl doors
D: Optional communication link between the PI Remote/Depth sensor and the PI hydrophone, this provides depth information
E: The transverse link between the two sensors is used to measure the distance
F: Angle of attack