Simrad PI SeineSounder Why use this sensor

In spite of its name, the Simrad PI SeineSounder is equally useful for both trawls and purse seines.

Purse seine

When you fish with a purse seine, it is always important to know the current distance to the seabed. With updated information about the current depth of the footrope while at the same time knowing the remaining distance to the bottom, you will know excactly when to start pursing while still avoiding damage to the net.

Danish seine

On a danish seine you can use the Simrad PI SeineSounder as a height sensor with built-in depth measurements. Normally the sensor will be placed on the footrope. That allows you to measure the sinking rate and detect when it reaches the bottom. You will also be notified if the footrope lifts from the bottom allowing fish to escape under it. As an alternative, you can mount the sensor on the headrope to monitor the height.

Bottom trawl

On a bottom trawl you need to know the position of the headrope, how deep it is, and how high above the seabed it is. The Simrad PI SeineSounder provides these key data from a single sensor, and with a high degree of accuracy.

Pelagic trawl

On a pelagic trawl, you need to know the location of both the headrope and the footrope. Again, the Simrad PI SeineSounder is an ideal tool. Placed on the footrope, it will allow you to monitor the height and the depth. Used with a Simrad PI Depth sensor on the headrope you will have full control of the gear, and will be able to carry out the catch in an efficient manner.

Data quality

The data provided by the Simrad PI SeineSounder is highly reliable with the same accuracy as an echo sounder. The information is also updated fast, leading to much better control of the gear.