Simrad PI SeineSounder Mounting on a purse seine

In order to secure a stable communication with the vessel, and to measure the height, it is very important that the sensor is allowed to hang freely with the top end pointing towards the surface during shooting and pursing.

Attach the sensor to a standard purse ring with two separate chains (A). Mount one end of each chain to a common snap hook (B), and secure the hook on the footrope. Mount the other end of each chain to one of the sensor’s lower using two sturdy quick links.

Mount a safety wire (C) between one of the sensor’s lower lugs and anywhere on the net except on the footrope. Make sure that security line does not prevent the sensor from hanging freely!

Remove the sensor from the purse seine before it passes through the power block. Ensure that mounting material attached to the charging lugs do not form an electrical connection, as this will short the charging current.

Important: On purse seine applications, use the LONG key bolt.