Simrad PI Remote/Depth Numerical readout

The information from the PI Remote/Depth sensor is shown on your PI operator unit as a numerical depth readout.

Simrad PI50 presentation


A: Sensor colour code, identifier and name
B: Current depth
C: The current measurement unit is shown, as well as a blue triangle. The triangle indicates the current vertical movement of the sensor; up or down. In this example the sensor measures 82,5 meters from the sea surface and down to the sensor, and the sensor – and thus the gear – is slowly rising with 3 meters each minute.

D: Depth changes
This digit shows depth changes recorded by the sensor, and thus the ascending or descending speed of the net. The value is shown in units per minute. The direction is shown with the blue triangle.

E: History field
The field offers a graphical presentation of the sensor information for the last 20 minutes.

Pulse lamp and Trend view icons
The green pulse lamp icon flashes every time a signal is received from the corresponding sensor. The Trend view icon opens (and closes) the Trend view for the corresponding sensor.

Simrad PI44/54 presentation


A: Sensor identification
B: Unit of measurement
C: Depth
D: Depth change per minute
E: Arrow pointing “down” means that the depth is increasing. Arrow pointing “up” means that depth is decreasing
F: Visual alarm
G: Sensor transmission indicator
H: Interference warning