Simrad PI Geometry Summary

Check the geometry of your bottom trawl, pelagic trawl and danish seine

The purpose of the Simrad PI Geometry sensor system is to monitor the geometry of your trawl or danish seine.

This is achieved by making accurate measurements of the distances between the centre of the headrope (or footrope) and each of the trawl doors or wing ends. If these distances are not identical the trawl (or danish seine) will be skewed and unbalanced, and this reduces the catch efficiency.

The PI Geometry sensor system consists of:

  • One Simrad PI Geometry sensor
  • Two Simrad Mini-R responders

The results from the measurements made by the sensor system are transmitted by acoustic signals to the PI catch monitoring system mounted on the vessel. Based on the information, you can take immediate corrective actions if it is necessary to adjust the net.

The PI Geometry sensor system has been developed to be used on both bottom and pelagic trawls, as well as pair trawls and danish seiners.