Simrad PI Geometry Numerical readout

The numerical presentation of the PI Geometry data is automatically shown in the relevant display modes.

Since this is a “dual” sensor (providing two measurements) two yellow rectangles are used to indicate which two numerical displays that provide information from the same sensor.

In this example the two responders are positioned with identical distances to the PI Geometry sensor on the headrope. The gear is in balance, and no adjustments are required.

PI50 Readout


A: Sensor colour code, identifier and name
B: Geometry icon
This icons indicates with your trawl geometry is correct.

C: Length difference
This is the length difference between the port and starboard wires.

D: History field
The field offers a graphical presentation of the sensor information for the last 20 minutes.

E: Pulse lamp and Trend view icons
The green pulse lamp icon flashes every time a signal is received from the corresponding sensor. The Trend view icon opens (and closes) the Trend view for the corresponding sensor.

F: Port length
This is the length of the port wire. The current measurement unit is shown, as well as two blue rectangles. These rectangles indicate the current horizontal length changes. If the two rectangles are pointing towards each other, the distance is decreasing.

G: Starboard length
H: History field

PI44/54 Readout


A: Sensor identification
B: Unit of measurement
C: Distance
D: Distance changes per minute
E: Arrows pointing “out” means that the distance is increasing, arrows pointing“in” means that distance is decreasing
F: Visual alarm
G: Sensor transmission indicator
H: Interference warning
I: Dual sensor identification