Simrad PI Bottom Contact Why use this product

The Simrad PI Bottom Contact sensor will let you know immediately if your gear touches - or lifts off - the bottom.

Bottow trawl

If your trawl lifts off the bottom, this may cause fish to escape, and hence reduce the catch. This sensor will detect this, and allow you to trim your equipment for perfect balance.

Pelagic trawl

On a pelagic trawl, this sensor proves very useful when the trawl moves downwards. It will let you know immediately if the footrope touches bottom.

Purse seine

When you work with a purse seine, you need to know when the seine reaches the bottom. This sensor will let you know. once it happens.

Danish seine

Used on a Danish seine, the sensor will let you know when the net has a stable bottom contact, and when it is time to haul.

Scientific research

During scientific surveys, an exact definition of towed distance with proper ground gear contact is an essential parameter in bottom trawl swept area estimates of fish abundance. Using a PI Bottom Contact sensor will reduce errors in this key parameter.