Simrad PI Bottom Contact Summary

Best at the bottom!
With patented technology and award winning design, Simrad provides you full control of the actions that take place at the bottom.

Mounted on a bottom trawl, pelagic trawl or purse seine, this sensor will provide important information when you need it:

  • When does the footrope on the trawl touch the bottom?
  • When does the footrope lift off the bottom?

The principles of the Simrad PI Bottom Contact sensor are simple.

A: When the sensor is mounted on the footrope of a bottom trawl, it will let you know once the trawl lifts a few centimeters above the bottom. You can then immediatley perform the necessary adjustments, and avoid loosing any catch.

B: Mounted on a purse seine, the sensor will be notify once the seine reaches the bottom. This allows you to fish even on a rough bottom.

C: When the Simrad PI Bottom Contact sensor is mounted on the footrope of a pelagic trawl, it will notify you if the trawl unintentionally sinks too close to the bottom.