Multibeam Sonar

The Flexview, KONGSBERG's latest advancement in multibeam sonar technology, is designed specifically for small observation class ROVs where compact size and light weight are key selection criteria.

Innovative Design and Functionality

The Flexview’s removable transducer is the first of its kind, offering field replacement of a damaged transducer in the unlikely event of a catastrophic impact. It also allows for potential new transducer configurations to be exchanged in the future, depending on the job being performed.

High-Frequency Flexibility

The Flexview is offered in two versions to suit varying operational needs. The Flexview – FLEXVIEW HF (High Frequency) version provides 70 m coverage over a 140° sector, yielding higher resolution images at short range. Conversely, the Flexview – 500 kHz version affords 200 m coverage over the same sector, ensuring high-resolution images at longer ranges. Both versions maintain the ideal suitability for small observation class ROVs.

Key features

  • Ideally suited for small observation class ROVs
  • Distortion-free images at a high update rate
  • Removable transducer for rapid field replacement
  • User-friendly interface
  • Low-profile wet mateable connector
  • CHIRP and Doppler modes of operation
  • Significant time savings
  • 70 m coverage over 140⁰ sector (HF version)
  • Higher resolution images at short range (HF version)
  • 200 m coverage over 140⁰ sector (500 kHz version)
  • High-resolution images at long range (500 kHz version)

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