Kongsberg offers a wide range of transducers suitable for most types of single beam applications, including sidescan transducers and low frequency transducers, both suitable for the high depths as well as for sub-bottom imaging.  


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SpecificationSimrad 38-9Simrad 200-28EES18-11MK2Transducer 15-17Sidescan 200 kHzSidescan 500 kHz500 kHz transducerSimrad 38/200 Combi D
Nominal frequency
38 kHz200 kHz1815 kHz200 kHz500 kHz500 kHz38/200 kHz
Wideband capacity
36-40 kHzN/A14-22 kHz13-17 kHz180-220 kHz440-500 kHz440-500 kHzN/A
Beam width
9 deg7 deg11 deg17 deg0.5x49 deg sidescan0.36x60 deg sidescan3 deg13x21 deg / 7 deg

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