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Scientific echo sounder transducers

Based on more than 75 years of experience, we manufacturer accurate and reliable single- and split beam echo sounder transducers for scientific applications.

Our high-quality transducers can be put to use with a wide variety of Simrad echo sounders. You can also use our transducers on third-party fishfinders provided that the power, frequency, and impedance match. Typical applications include fish finding, navigation, hydrographic surveys, and scientific explorations. Several frequencies and beam configurations are available.

Through-hull Transducers

The through-hull transducers mount inside the hull and shoot through.

Depth-rated transducers

Depth-rated transducers are installed on board AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicle).

Transducers with low side-lobes

These transducers have the same performance as the through-hull transducers with respect to small beam angle and low side lobes. At the same time, they operate down to1500 m in depth.

Compact transducers

These transducers a small and compact yet they have individual depth ratings enabling them to operate at different depth levels.