WBT Mini

Compact wideband transceiver

The WBT Mini is a compact version of the highly efficient Wideband transceiver (WBT) used by marine research vessels all around the world. Its compact size and energy-efficient design make it perfect as a portable echo sounder or for installation on a wide range of platforms.

Operational Modes and Flexibility

The WBT Mini contains four individual transceiver channels with multiplexing functionality, providing a flexible setup of split- or single-beam transducer configurations. Housed in a splash proof cabinet, this robust design is suitable for long-term deployment in challenging environments. Additionally, the WBT Mini can be operated in EK80 mode, which requires a Processor Unit and EK80 software, facilitating full control over the transceiver and the capability to observe real-time data or record RAW data. Alternatively, in Autonomous mode, the WBT Mini can be pre-programmed using the EK Mission Planner for defined acoustic settings and missions, capable of recording data over specified intervals.

Multiplexing and Connection Interfaces

Catering to a variety of mission requirements, the WBT Mini provides multiple transducer connectors. With four transducer connectors, including two 8-pin and two 4-pin connectors, it allows the main connector to always be in use, and others to be used for multiplexing or adding extra transducers. Additionally, there are power and Ethernet connectors as well as Serial RS 422 interfaces for comprehensive connectivity. The design of these interfaces facilitates efficient power distribution and ensures reliable communication channels for the operation of the WBT Mini in diverse configurations.

Key features

  • A member of the EK80 wideband echo sounder family
  • Rugged and compact design
  • Splash Proof
  • Operates in EK80 or Autonomous mode
  • Four independents channels with built-in multiplexing available
  • Built-in calibration tool
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide range of transducers available

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