Wideband autonomous transceiver

WBAT is a cutting-edge subsea innovation rising from a need to monitor marine life and detect gas leaks at virtually any corner of the world. The WBAT is at the forefront of monitoring marine life. The instrument is available in two versions. The standard version is enclosed in an aluminimum housing and depth range is 1500m. The extended version is enclosed in a steel housing and depth range is 6000 m.

Essential Innovations

When deployed, the WBAT is self-contained and will record data with the acoustic settings at the given time intervals. A built-in USB stick is used for storing recorded data. Between data recording events the WBAT will be in "deep sleep", conserving energy and extending battery life.

Product Versatility

The WBAT is available in two depth-rated versions: a 1500 m version enclosed in an aluminum housing, and a 6000 m version enclosed in a steel housing. It supports a frequency range of 30-500 kHz and can connect to two split-beam or four single-beam transducers, utilizing both Continuous Wave (CW) and LFM pulse forms. The data collected is in standardized Simrad EK80 raw data format, facilitating compatibility and ease of analysis.

Key features

  • Autonomous all-in-one echo sounder
  • Advanced mission control WBAT
  • Internal battery and data storage
  • Depth rating: 1500 m version and 6000 m version
  • Frequencies 30-500 kHz
  • Connects two split-beam or four single-beam transducers
  • Continuous Wave (CW) and acoustic settings
  • Standardized Simrad EK80 raw data format
  • Wide range of transducers available

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