DPS i2

Position sensor

Sensor fusioned GNSS solution for Dynamic Positioning


  • Annual Offshore Support Journal
    Annual Offshore Support JournalDynamic Positioning Award 2018
  • Dredging and Port Construction
    Dredging and Port ConstructionInnovative Dredging Technology of the Year 2018


  • Surface
  • Offshore
  • GNSS receiver
  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • Absolute reference systems
  • GNSS infrastructure
  • Sensor fusion
  • Spoofing mitigation

Sensors teaming up Increased operational efficiency

An unmatched integration of the latest within multi-GNSS technology and KONGSBERG’s unique motion gyro compass (MGC™) facilitate the possibility to operate with no additional augmentation services without compromising on DP performance. The DPS i-series is fully prepared to utilize differential corrections and SBAS services when required. DPS i2 utilizes data from GPS and GLONASS.

Designed for robust performance

The integration between GNSS and INS ensures a continuous position solution by bridging gaps in the GNSS reception and increasing position stability in periods with limited GNSS availability due to masking, scintillation, and interference. GNSS and INS are perfectly matched as they overcome each others limitations. Using both systems is superior to using either system alone. RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) extended by data from the INS provides ultimate reliability of the position and velocity data under difficult GNSS conditions.

Scalable solution

The flexible design of the DPS i-series ensures a scalable and expandable reference solution that can adapt to the specific requirements of any vessel. For the more demanding applications, a combination of multiple DPS systems and MGC/MRU sensors will enable precise heading determination world wide and provide spoofing detection capabilities. The DPS i-series may utilize existing or dedicated MGC or MRU sensors for the integration.

Key features

  • Multi-frequency GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS receiver (optional)
  • Highly optimized integration of INS and GNSS without the use of 3rd party DGNSS services
  • Dual frequency ionospheric compensation
  • INS aided RAIM capability for enhanced integrity and GNSS antenna reliability
  • Fully capable to utilize differential correction services if required
  • High-precision lever arm compensation of position and velocity
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use HMI tailored to safety-critical DP operations
  • Scalable solution
  • GNSS heading (requires two DPS systems)
  • Spoofing detection capabilities
  • Automatic data recording with replay functionality
  • Remote service and diagnostics by utilizing K-IMS

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