Blue Insight - Sensor Fusion

An onboard application that collects data from sensors and local databases and prepare them for distribution.


  • Offshore
  • Onshore
  • Data Processing
  • Data Management
  • Monitoring and Visualization
  • Sensor data analysis
  • Cloud-based
  • Ocean Data collection

Key Benefits

Sensor Fusion is an on-board/on-premise application which receives and prepares data from selected sensors and on-board databases for streamlined distribution to the Blue Insight cloud. Sensor Fusion also provides the interface between selected third-party sensors and serves as the link with Sensor Remote and Ocean View modules. Optionally, a real-time visualization dashboard can be provided for monitoring purposes.

Supported data types

Some examples of Sensor Fusion supported data types are: Echo sounder data, meteorological data (barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction), oceanographic data (carbon dioxide partial pressure, oxygen saturation, turbidity etc.). Other data types can be integrated on request.


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