Blue Insight - Ocean view

Ocean View allows you to contextualize data and operation by showing both live and historic data from entire fleet on a map overlay. The view allows users to overlay relevant external layers and objects in the same view.


  • Offshore
  • Onshore
  • Data Processing
  • Monitoring and Visualization
  • Cloud-based
  • Ocean Data collection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Situational awareness

The Ocean View Module

Ocean View is a web interface for visualizing information from selected sensors and platforms in a map overlay. The web interface can be used from any web browser which is connected to the Blue Insight or corporate cloud - on the vessel and on land. The Ocean View module visualizes real-time and historic sensor or database data. Views can be tailored to customer requirements, displaying custom map overlays for increased situational awareness and contextualization. Views can also be tailored for external users and public display purposes through flexible access control mechanisms.


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