Blue Insight - Analytics

BLUE INSIGHT - The digital ocean toolbox. Seamless data acquisition, fusion, processing, visualization, contextualization and management of ocean data. Kongsberg Blue Insight is an open and flexible digital infrastructure product designed to meet the increasing demand for accurate information from the oceans, focusing on internet security and seamless integration. The Blue Insight automates the data stream from a wide range of sensors and platform types and visualizes them in a common framework. The solution facilitates modern data processing and machine learning, providing new understanding and in-depth knowledge.


  • Subsea
  • Offshore
  • Sensor Remote
  • Data Processing
  • Data Management
  • Monitoring and Visualization
  • Cloud-based
  • AI classification

Blue Insight Core

The Blue Insight Core module provides solutions for secure interactions between sensor platforms, cloud storage and data management enabled by the industrialized Internet of Things modules found in the Kognifai digital ecosystem. The Core module includes required common functionality to prepare the data for automated analytics and advanced data handling, with the full benefits of a modern, cyber secure cloud environment. It includes a basic visualization framework with dashboard functionalities and graph view of data. This module integrates with your existing information technology systems and is a requisite for deploying the other Blue Insight modules.

Blue Insight Modules

Sensor Fusion is an on-board/on-premise application which receives and prepares data from selected sensors and onboard databases for streamlined distribution to the Blue Insight cloud. It provides the interface with Sensor Remote and Ocean View modules and optionally, real time visualization dashboard. The Data Forwarder module automates conversion of data into common formats for efficient data sharing across solutions and databases. Ocean View offers real-time and historic sensor data visualization in a map overlay. Analytics introduces in-depth data handling like quality assurance and AI-based automated data analysis, including remote deployment of algorithms.

Key features

  • One-stop solution that provides real-time overview across platforms and data types
  • Flexible and scalable, suitable for both small and large organizations
  • Open ecosystem building on FAIR data principles
  • Allows for deployment of customized machine learning algorithms
  • Cyber secure solution


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