Peer Fietzek

How Advanced Digital Infrastructure Streamlines and Enhances Ocean Observing

Peer Fietzek, Senior Business Developer Manager Ocean Science

Peer Fietzek
Time:            Tuesday 15th - 09:30 - 11:10
Venue:         South Gallery Room 7 & 8

A growing number of different surface vessels and underwater vehicles roams the ocean and more and more data are collected as part of international observing activities, which are central to e.g. understanding the environment and affecting the sustainable harvesting of ocean resources. Even if a platform is not primarily operated with the intention of collecting environmental data, there is a trend towards connectivity, remote operation or autonomy, which all involves handling of digital information and aims at making the platforms operate more efficiently and ecofriendly.
Based on proven cloud and connected vessels framework components (c.f. Kognifai, Vessel Insight) and meeting latest security demands, Blue Insight (BI) is a digital toolbox and cloud-based ecosystem specifically developed for ocean and meteorological data. It enables, automates and eases data collection, visualization, contextualization, management and distribution from a wide range of sea-going platforms. Through different modules BI is flexible, scalable and expandable. Its openness enables seamless platform and unrestricted sensor integration covering various physical, chemical or biological parameters. The capabilities include and go beyond cloud storage and dashboard functionalities by also enabling remote sensor control and onboard or cloud-based automated data analysis based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We will present features and benefits of BI through the discussion of deployment examples. Within the industry-financed Glider Phase II project e.g. BI facilitates multiple glider vehicle (ecosystem) monitoring in the vicinity of offshore activities through advanced data management and visualizations. As part of the Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development the barque Statsraad Lehmkuhl is en route on the One Ocean Expedition to share knowledge about and create attention for important ocean matters. BI helps accomplishing this by collecting various data and automatically forwarding it e.g. to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Marine Data Center (NMDC) for further usage and dissemination.

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