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Why join Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem?

Collaboration is key in digitalizing the maritime industry. That is why we are creating the world's largest open maritime digital ecosystem.

KONGSBERG has a long history of creating products for the marine industry. Due to new requirements in the industry that require us to become more transparent and share, outside of our company, KONGSBERG has realized that we are not able to provide the full toolbox, just by providing the services and applications we create on our own.

Only powerful applications and services can turn raw vessel data into real value for ship owners and operators. This is why we partner with 3rd party solution providers - offering their broad variety of solutions and services to Vessel Insight customers on our Kognifai Marketplace. Using our APIs, the solutions are fully integrated with Vessel Insight to provide a one-stop-shop experience for ship owners & operators. We want to be able to offer anything from condition monitoring to fuel efficiency, to sufficient sailing -and the list goes on. 

But even though that is truly exciting, we understand that you might need some more reasons. Download our 5 reasons to become a Kognifai Partner infographic here:

5 reasons to join the Kognifai Ecosystem

Download the Kognifai Ecosystem inforgraphic

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