Appendix III Statement of work

When the Subscription Agreement is signed, Kongsberg will assign

(1) a project manager responsible for the technical onboarding process. That consist of administration until delivery and installation of the system(s) are completed and handed over to the client’s KSM.

(2) a Customer Success Manager is responsible for the success onboarding. That consist of training of the Software as a Service (SaaS) solution(s) such as the Vessel Insight dashboards and/or 3rd party applications from the Kognifai Marketplace, and the day to day coordination to ensure successful usage of Vessel Insight

The project manager and the customer success manager will together follow a dedicated onboarding process for each vessel. The onboarding is a process with two sprints, working in tandem to ensure a seamless process. The customer recieves information and a timeline for what will happen the first 6 months of the subscription period. It is also created to secure that the customer can utilize Vessel Insight as quickly as possible. 



A KONGSBERG project manager will be in contact with the customers project manager to gather required information from the vessel needed to setup the hardware and software. This phase needs minimal requirement from the customer beside outlining and verifying data tag information if needed.       


The customer will receive Vessel Insight pre-configured hardware (ref. point 4.1) with installed software to enable, capture and aggregate quality data from the vessel in safely and reliably. The hardware will be sent as one package, with an easy to use manual for personnel onboard to mount and connect to the Kognifai Edge standard connectors.


A KONGSBERG project manager assists with needed sensor configurations ensuring dataflow from the vessel to the Vessel Insight portal. The initial setup of the Vessel Insight sensor configuration is included in the onboarding process. The sensor configuration for each vessel will also be made available for the client.




A KONGSBERG Customer Success Manager will be in contact with the customer project manager to set up a Kick-off meeting. The purpose of the kickoff meeting is to introduce the teams and involved parts, understand the project background and what success looks like, what needs to be done, and agree on how to efSuccesfectively work in tandem.


To keep momentum, KONGSBERG will be clear on next steps, making sure everyone in the Onboarding team (KONGSBERG and customer) knows what is needed to do next, when to do it and review milestones along the way. Vessel Insight will in this phase start to ship data from the vessel to shore, thus training of relevant personnel at customer will be conducted. During this Onboarding phase KONGSBERG will seek to map out the overall satisfaction level and reveal potential delivery gaps.

Success Onboarding

To ensure customer success during the onboarding phase and onwards, the Customer Success Manager will conduct a success meeting to be able to align goals, reveal potential knowledge gaps and continue to (re)train relevant customer personnel.

6 months into the subscription, a success review will consider the whole journey from signing the contract up until now. Project advantages and disadvantages, level of satisfaction, achievement of objectives, milestone review is revealed at this stage.



  • If the customer would like to do changes to the initial setup this can be arranged with KONGSBERG on an hourly rate (outlined in the Subscription Agreement)


  • Ensure a single point of contact on the customer side, preferably the designated project manager
  • Appoint designated technical project resource that will support the project
  • Involve necessary resources based on project requirements
  • Follow mutually agreed project plan including customer questionaire document
  • Stakeholders reply on onboarding- and success survey