Vessel Insight -  Service Description

Overview of the service

Vessel Insight Access enables customers to:

  • Use manually collected data from online and offline sources without the need for additional hardware onboard
  • Ability to collect and structure data from 3rd party cloud solutions via API (if available)
  • Securely transport the data to the Vessel Insight cloud storage
  • Get quick insight into fleet and vessel status by using standard dashboards
  • Analyze and export vessel data
  • Access to the Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem


Vessel Insight dashboards and applications are provided as Software as a Service (SAAS) and are accessible via a web browser. Users will be able to start all applications from <customer> The applications are built using modern technology and run on the Kognifai Platform and COACH Onboard (COACH Solution ApS is a fully owned subsidiary of KONGSBERG). The solutions are based on a digital platform consisting of a set of technology components – managed as a common entity – on which digital products and services can be built and managed. The platform backend and cloud infrastructure are based on Microsoft Azure.

System Requirements

A summary of the requirements for using the service is stated below.

Must be able to send and receive emails with attached files (.MSI, .XML, and .PDF file formats up to 1 MB in total attachment size per email) Must have Windows XP (released August 24th, 2001) or newer Windows operating system installed. Must have .NET 4.0 framework (released April 21th, 2011) or newer installed. Must be able to run an installation wizard .MSI file that will install COACH Onboard (a small non-intrusive Windows-based desktop application).

Integrations are suitable to shipping systems such as IMOS, Q88 and Dataloy, etc .

Customer office locations

Accessing Vessel Insight

  • The following internet URL endpoints must be accessible: *,,,,,,, *,,
  • (Optional): (Power BI Connector),

Data Storage

The Kognifai Platform is built on top of the public cloud solution as offered by Microsoft Azure. Azure data centers are used for the processing and storage of data. The datacenters are operated to conform with industry standards for physical security, compliance, reliability and audited for compliance with ISO27001 and ISO 27018 standards on a yearly basis.

The location for customer data is on Azure European Datacentres.

If there is a need for terminating the use of the service, data export and data cleanup can be initiated by submitting a ticket to Kongsberg support.

Access to the service

Access to the service is provided through over the open internet. The URL will be https://* where the subdomain address (*) will be assigned to the customer when subscribing to the service.

Vessel Insight supports the following browsers (latest versions):

  • Preferred browser: Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox


Cybersecurity is a key aspect of Vessel Insight. Access to the service is limited to authenticated and authorized end users. Vessel Insight uses Kognifai ID for providing user authentication through federation with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for single sign-on scenarios. Azure AD is a broadly used and highly secure framework for authenticating users, which provides configurable controls for accessing the service, e.g. Multi-Factor Authentication.

Further details on Cyber Security and Vessel Insight are available in the Trust Center. Questions and concerns regarding security and privacy can be directed to

Customer-specific services

The Vessel Insight service is delivered with a pre-defined set of features, providing instant value and a short time to market. However, if customizations are needed beyond the standard service, Kongsberg Digital can offer a highly professional team to accommodate the needs. Onboarding to this offer is subject to agreement in a case-by-case manner.

Vessel Insight Features

An overview of the various functions and features of the service:

The feature details are explained in Appendix A – Feature set descriptions.

The “Included” column shows details for the feature.

  • “Yes”: Included in the service
  • “Option”: The feature can be added at an added cost



User and access management


Customer onboarding


User onboarding and role management


Kognifai ID




Vessel Insight Homepage


for all vessels

Yes [1]

Data analysis tool


Data export tool


3rd party data connector Power BI


Non-connected Vessels


Application Menu


Data Quality view


Voyage and Timeseries API




Data quality solution with up to 100 data quality checks


Data Export (file based)


MRV dataset as a collection of all MRV-related figures and generation of dataset


Cyber Security, Service, and support


Support and Service Level Agreement


Access to Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem


Cyber Security


Customer Success Service




Software updates


Internet connectivity


Utilize existing customer internet connectivity


Appendix A – Feature set descriptions

User and access management

  • Customer onboarding involves provisioning of the customer tenant based on information gathered during the initial onboarding phase. The information request form is provided by the onboarding team.
  • User and role management capabilities for the service are based on Kognifai ID. Setup is flexible and provides delegated management of users that will be accessing the service.
  • Delegated management of users requires administrator to consent to enable the OAuth permission “User.Read.All” for the Vessel Insight service in the federated user directory.
  • Federation options is limited to capabilities in Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


The following features are provided with the service:

  • The position overview provides a bird's eye view of the fleet and key information
  • Data Export - MRV and DCS ready for submission
  • Overview of CII rating for fleet and each vessel
  • Power BI connector is a part of Microsoft Power BI connectors and allows users to retrieve Vessel Insight data from Vessel Insight upon authenticating to the service.
  • Non-connected vessels are a visualization of vessels, based purely on AIS data
  • App launcher is a convenient navigation pane for all applications the user has access to, both on Vessel Insight and from partners in the Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem
  • RESTful Vessel Insight Data API is available through the Vessel Insight Developer portal. Signup required.


The following data storage and management can be provided with the service:

  • Tag-values with 1Hz resolution can be transmitted from the vessel to the Kognifai Platform Cloud. Agreed numbers of tags and data retention period are limited by the chosen subscription level.
  • Data export is available for the end-user through the Analysis module on a per-time-series basis. 

Cybersecurity, Service, and Support

The following is provided for Cyber Security, Service, and Support:

  • Support and Service Level Agreement: More information about the service level objectives can be found here.
  • Customer Success Service: A dedicated team is actively ensuring that the expectations of the subscribers of the Vessel Insight service are met
  • Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem: customers will have access to a range of specified applications and services which can provide deeper insight and advisory functions for their fleet.
  • Cybersecurity is built-into the Vessel Insight service from the ground up and operational teams are following ISO27001 standards

Internet connectivity

The following Internet connectivity options exist for the service:

  • Utilize existing customer internet connectivity: The existing internet connection for the vessel is the default connectivity option for the service

[1] View content completeness depending on data availability

[2] Vessel Insight service includes 5 non-connected vessels, more vessels available at an added cost

[3] The number of API calls is subject to limits

As a general statement, it is correct. However, there might be instances in which specific data will only be made available if there is the hardware onboard.  

Also, it is possible to receive "automatic" data from third parties via API. Not sure if you want to add that here.

Maybe close this one a bit so customers don't get the impression that this is always available.