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The upcoming 2.6.0 upgrade comes with a set of both new and improved features, with a focus on better monitoring, quality and integration.

New features

  1. Support of GGA messages in the NMEA connector: This is one of the most common sentences used with GPS receivers and will now be available in a decoded format in Vessel Insight.

  2. ISO 19848 alignment. We will of IMO number as vessel identifier in asset structure.

  3. Support for Energistics units

  4. Upgraded monitoring of Vessel Insight Edge infrastructure to ensure high quality delivery.


  1. Update of Cafnet address for existing containers (mandatory)
  2. Automatic and manual refresh of available sensor list
  3. Improvements in Azure IoT Edge runtime
  4. Mounting of the WAL folder in InfluxDB
  5. Improved robustness of the EdgeHealth Application Configuration (restarts will no longer be required)
  6. Renamed the Local Application Registery to Approved application registry (increased user-friendliness)
  7. OPC UA Connector enhancements

The upgrade will be carried out by the Kongsberg team in September 2020.