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Cost effective SaaS based vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure

Vessel Insight is delivered as a subscription and includes both hardware and software. Vessel Insight uses the vessels existing internet connection and can be installed by the crew. This aspect reduces the required upfront investment and enables faster ROI.

Vessel Insight has already helped numerous ship owners with data from the onboard systems and enabled them to make qualified business decisions on shore. In the customer success phase each customer will work with the Vessel Insight customer success team to address customer/vessel specific challenges and opportunities using solutions available on the Maritime Ecosystem. The ship owner, together with KONGSBERG’s domain expert, will typically analyze the current challenges and opportunities and start to work with a few use cases to quickly be able to make return of investment. This could be to utilize the applications from the marketplace, or feed existing systems with data through Vessel Insight. By analyzing current status in the beginning of the collaboration, KONGSBERG and the customer can easily measure the impact of the solution. Both through KPIs and direct OPEX reduction. Common use cases are e.g. fuel reduction, lube oil- and spare part optimization.