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Remote DP simulator training

Leveraging the cloud-based simulation solutions on K-Sim Connect, Kongsberg Digital now offers a remote DP simulator solution, which is fully approved by the Nautical Institute (NI) for DP Induction Courses until June 30th 2021. In addition, NI has made an agreement with TestReach for an online examination solution, which will complete the possibility for a fully remote DP training scheme including exams during the Pandemic. 


    The DP Induction Course requires the use of NI Class C DP simulators. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, many training centers have experienced challenges delivering mandatory simulation training, which is usually conducted in traditional classrooms.

    The remote DP simulation solution provides the exact same possibilities for high-quality DP training as provided with our K-Sim DP Basic, NI Class C DP Desktop Simulators. Used in combination with a communication tool like Skype or Teams, it forms a complete system for virtual classroom training.

    It enables instructors to continue conducting DP simulation-based education from their home or office PC, while the students gets the opportunity to follow online education and to practice realistic DP simulation training according to the Nautical Institute's requirements for DP Induction Courses.


    By using their PC or laptop at the office or home, the Remote DP simulator solution gives instructors and students access to a K-Sim DP Basic simulator based on KONGSBERG’s market-leading K-Pos DP system. It comprises the Challenger II DP vessel model for DP maneuvering training and in the abcense of physical input devices, such as joystick and keypads, a screen operator panel (SOP) is included for instrument display and control.

    Kongsberg Digital hosts the remote DP desktop simulation on demand, and requires one week's lead time from signing the agreement to enabling the system for use. Access to the Remote DP simulator is based on a short-term subscription, valid for the length of a DP Induction Course (normally 5 days), or for a customized period as agreed. Within the temporary subscription periode, customers gain unlimited access and can use the DP simulator service to practice as much as required.

    The agreement for access to the Remote DP training solution includes a minimum of 1 instructor and 4 students per access period.

    Please note that the remote DP training solution is offered exclusively as a temporary training tool, which will be discontinued when NI ends the approval period. 


    The DP Induction Course involves both theory and practice on a simulated DP system and covers the following topics:

    • Principles of DP
    • Elements of the DP system
    • Practical operation of the DP system
    • Position reference systems
    • Environment sensors and ancillary equipment
    • Power generation and supply and propulsion
    • DP operations


    • To achieve the best outcome from the course, access to a PC or a laptop with a monitor of minimum 22” is recommended
    • An internet connection - broadband wired or wireless (4G/LTE)
    • For communications, we recommend using Skype, Teams or a similar
      communications program
    • A HD webcam - built-in or USB
    • Speakers and a microphone - built in, USB or wireless Bluetooth.

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    Kongsberg Digital is leading the way in the digital transformation of maritime training. The delivery of remote training has been accelerated by the COVID-19 situation and is likely to become the main method of training in the future.

    Please contact us if you want to sign up for access or learn more about
    our remote DP training solution, which we offer at an affordable price. We will
    implement the system and get you quickly up to speed using it.

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