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Cloud-based training

Through our digital platform K-Sim Connect we offer a range of cloud-based simulation solutions for maritime education and training. Our cloud-based training solutions enables you as instructor to provide your students with engaging and realistic exercises for practice anytime and anywhere.

The K-Sim Connect solutions are easy to use and are provided with pre-made exercises giving you the opportunity to get started right away. If you already are a user of our K-Sim simulators you will, in addition, have the opportunity to upload your own exercises from the K-Sim Instructor System and make them available for your students through K-Sim Connect. When the students have completed the exercise, you can download an assessment file with the score to give personal feedback.

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Rethink training - implement blended learning

Several of our cloud-based training solutions seamlessly integrates with school-based simulators such as K-Sim ECDIS, K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim Radar. This allows for highly effective blended learning. When combining cloud-based and classroom instruction, the students can benefit from volume training and improve their learning outcome. They can use their own PC and train anytime and anywhere, prepare in advance of classroom education and also repeat exercises after simulator classes until they have gained the knowledge expected.

K-Sim Connect - a digital platform for maritime simulation services