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Why choose Kongsberg Digital

KONGSBERG is a leading global technology group, delivering mission-critical solutions to customers operating in extremely challenging environments. Throughout our proud two hundred year history, we have continuously advanced, applying innovative solutions to the needs of our customers, partners and society at large.

Digital and domain knowledge

  • Kongsberg Digital is a 600 strong global software company established to spearhead KONGSBERG’s ambition to enable digitalization of the world’s industries. Since our startup in 2016, we have combined deep industrial domain knowledge with cutting edge digital competence. Building on our KONGSBERG legacy in oil & gas and maritime sector, we know all parts of the value chain. We are a full-fledged software company equipped to make digital transformation easy and safe for our clients. 

    With 200 years of determination, KONGSBERG has a long and proud history. Through our foresight and ability to adapt, we have survived through changing times, always boosting innovation and pushing new technologies to better serve the market.

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Team of experts to help you unlock maximum value

  • Kongsberg Digital has 600 software experts and domain engineers working in our locations in Norway, India and the Americas. Our purpose is to help our customers unlock the maximum value of their data. Collaboration is key for us. Our experts are constantly developing technologies for the future and closely working with customers to help them reach their business goals through digitalization.  

    We are also lucky enough to be part of the KONGSBERG family, with 11,000 employees in more than 40 countries. In our team, we gather world-class professionals with strong market experience. 

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A solid provider and strategic digital partner

  • Kongsberg Digital combines new ways of working with agile software development and strategic partnerships with a strong focus on quality. As a KONGSBERG brand, our customers and partners can trust us to deliver, always. Dealing with KONGSBERG means dealing with reliable people, a reliable corporation, and reliable products. 
    We are known for our drive and our persistence, always striving to meet our customers’ expectations. We set ambitious goals for ourselves and we push to achieve them with a clear and constant focus. 

    Always performing better is also a vital part of who we are. We constantly innovate and implement improvements in all areas of our business from our products, through our processes, to our customers’ experiences. Kongsberg Digital, delivering next generation industrial digitalization solutions, is in itself an example of this. 

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Global company

  • As Kongsberg Digital, a part of KONGSBERG, we are small and large at the same time. This allows us to partner with anyone that contributes to increase value for our customers. We are vendor neutral, open and willing to cooperate. 

    In addition, KONGSBERG has a long tradition for delivering safety critical solutions. We have our roots in the high-tech industrial environments of the maritime sector and the oil and gas industry. This tradition complements our culture and mindset where we are committed to the development and delivery of secure and reliable solutions for our customers. 

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Proven quality and technology

  • Our products and services are used by industry-leading customers who demand and expect high quality. To satisfy their – and your – needs, we are committed to delivering world-class services and technology of high quality. 

    To ensure the highest quality, we follow industry best practices and certify our processes diligently. Because we believe that quality comes from hard and systematic work and is based on continuous improvement cycles. 

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