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This is Kognitwin® Energy

Beyond being a virtual replica of your industrial facility, Kognitwin Energy, our dynamic digital twin delivers a rich framework for advanced digitalization and analytics, including a range of solutions that can be customized to attend your needs. 

Kognitwin® Energy at a glance: 

  • Asset data, real-time data, synthetic data from simulation and analytics. Data from various sources are collected, contextualized, unified and delivered to end-users through use-case driven applications. All in the cloud
      • Kognitwin Unify, our contextualization engine, enables relationships and hierarchies to be created in a dynamic manner, enabling a variety of ways to categorize, analyze and process the data. 
      • Beyond providing visualization, simulators and physics-based models that run on Kognitwin Energy enable validation of measurements from the field through IoT, and generate synthetic measurements where measurements are otherwise not available. 
      • Leveraging Hybrid ML technology, Kognitwin Energy trains data-driven models based synthetic data from high-fidelity simulators, providing customers with predictive insights into their facilities, enabling data-driven decision making.
      • However, it begins with cross-functional collaboration amongst user groups, equipped with data at their fingertips. Easy access to data is enabled through mobile devices, integrated operations center consoles, desktops and other devices.  
      • Kognitwin Energy can be easily reached from any place, at any time. Work that has previously required physical presence at the asset may be moved to onshore centers, centralized centers of excellence, or even performed from home. This capability can inform companies decisions in how to distribute work and man their operations, with a different allocation between onsite and remote support.

    Kognitwin Unify

    The contextualization engine ties all data, structure and semantics together without relying on any master model. It provides data preparation, ingestion and contextualization and other transformation capabilities and thereby acts as the glue that links the various objects, from different sources, together. It utilizes models, algorithms and artificial intelligence such as machine learning to drive efficiency to drive efficient data unification.

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    Beyond the visuals

    Aside from providing virtual replicas of energy facilities, Kognitwin® Energy offers easy access to monitoring, dynamic simulation, and high-quality predictions in real time.

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    Why choose Kongsberg Digital

    With 200 years of determination, KONGSBERG has a long and proud history. Through our foresight and ability to adapt, we have survived through changing times, always boosting innovation and pushing new technologies to better serve the market.

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