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Shell and Kongsberg Digital partnership

In 2019, A/S Norske Shell and Kongsberg Digital joined forces to operationalise an Asset of the Future, through a ‘partnership development’ of the Nyhamna Dynamic Digital Twin in <100days, enabled by Kongsberg Digital’s Kognitwin service platform.  

Improving how we design, construct and operate our assets has long been a discussion in the energy industry. We have relied on people to consume, integrate and process data from dozens of IT and paper-based systems to satisfy business processes and safely operate and maintain our assets.  

In today’s rapidly advancing world of cloud and IIOT technologies, both KDI and Norske Shell shared a vision that assets of the future could be operationalised through a digital eco-system aka Kognitwin Energy  Kongsberg’s Dynamic Digital Twin. 

Kognitwin Energy enables people such as local frontline operators, engineers, data scientists and even remote vendors to become fully integrated, and their integrated data and work processes able to transform the operations & maintenance philosophy of the asset. 

This is Kognitwin Energy

Beyond being a virtual replica of your industrial facility, Kognitwin Energy, our dynamic digital twin delivers a rich framework for advanced digitalization and analytics, including a range of solutions that can be customized to attend your needs.

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Within Nyhamna Digital Twin this became a reality. Data has become proactive and workflows are more automated enabling users through a contextualised 2D and 3D interface (like Google Earth) to take action and capture value. 

With the Kognitwin Energy, Shell can continously drive efficiency and reduce collaboration overhead, empower and upskill the workforce, adressing production optimization and electricity offtake.

With the implementation of the dynamic digital twin we believe Nyhamna will be at the forefront of digitalization in the oil and gas business, which is exciting to Shell and our partners at Nyhamna. Shell’s digital strategy is value driven, predicated on finding new and better solutions to drive improved business outcomes. With the digital twin we expect new insights that we can leverage to further improve the productivity, reliability and performance of the gas facility.
Agnete Johnsgaard-Lewis, Managing Director, Norske Shell A/S

Kognitwin Energy is continuously evolving with monthly product releases which are value-focused initially focusing on Collaboration and Production & Energy Optimisation.  

Each release enables new and extended capabilities (use cases), that target industry shared problems, making the replication of the Nyhamna Dynamic Digital Twin a solution for broad-scale business transformation and a huge value proposition across the entire energy industry for operators, its partners and the full supply chain. 

  • 10-15% increase in people productivity via the various use cases which have been operationalised in the collaboration module. 
  • Collaboration module is expected to yield 2-4% reduction in OPEX i.e. reduction of travel to site for staff, contractors and suppliers, who can perform site visits and work into the dynamic digital twin, as well as the time taken to perform daily activities such as work permits 
  • Production Optimisation cases to yield an additional cash flow per annum 

In addition 

  • Improved facility for experimentation, through what-if scenarios based on new production scenarios i.e. Well Line up’s and plant modifications which can be fully simulated in Kognitwin, prior to implementation.

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