Kognitwin Unify

Break silos and get easy access to your data with Kognitwin Unify

Learn more about Kongsberg Digital’s Data Contextualization Engine and how it can efficiently contextualize your data with rapid deployment. 


Industrial employees are used to working with every data type, from time-series to piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID’s) to 3D and 2D models and simulated data, and the list goes on. As part of digital transformation initiatives, we find that companies have invested in aggregating this data and making it available to the employees by using on-premise or cloud data warehouse solutions. 

Due to its lean integration approach and data contextualization capabilities, Kognitwin Energy can rapidly integrate and contextualize this data in a way that considers the human users of the technology; creating a different way to view and navigate within data. The engine behind all of this is the Kognitwin Unify 


The contextualization engine ties all data, structure and semantics together without relying on any master model. It provides orchestration of contextualization as well as other data preparation and transformation capabilities. It utilizes algorithms and artificial intelligence such as machine learning, and acts as the glue that links the various objects, from different sources, together. 

With its advanced contextualize engine, Kognitwin Energy collect, contextualize, validate, inspect & analyze, approve or reject data.  

Kognitwin Unify provides you: 

  • Agile deployment 
  • Connection and flagging of related data  
  • Process efficiency 
  • Data accessibility 
  • Identification of issues and lacking data 

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