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Kognitwin Energy key strengths

  • Fast Time to value: While traditional IT projects taking long time to deploy (and even longer time to capture value), we promote a shift in the market. Within weeks we can deploy the fundament of the Kognitwin enabling collaboration and improved decision making. 

  • Data-driven approach: Kognitwin Energy uses data-driven analytics like neural networks combined with physical models to provide fast and accurate predictions for production optimization, predictive maintenance, and situational awareness. 

  • User-centric focus: Kognitwin Energy was developed with focus on the users, helping customers from daily routines to business decisions. It enables you to increase collaboration and achieve your strategic goals in production, maintenance and HSE. ​ 

  • Scalability: From one to many assets. Once deployed, Kognitwin Energy can be easily replicated to other facilities around the globe 

  • Applicability across the asset life cycle: Kognitwin brings value to both greenfields and brownfields. Explore potential for value in the lifecycle. ​ 

  • Flexibility on inputs: Kognitwin Energy allows you to connect different data sources, even if they don’t have integrated and contextualized data. We converge IT, OT and engineering data.​ 

  • Open ecosystem: Different from solutions where you get locked with vendors, our dynamic digital twin is based in an open ecosystem. No platform needed, no lock-in solution, no data lake. ​ 

  • SaaS & cloud-based solution: Everything is safely stored on the web and is easily accessible from one URL. From your desktop to your tablet or mobile device. ​ 

  • Subject matter experts: With deep domain experience, our experts combine advanced software knowledge with strong O&G industry relevant experience to help our customers to achieve CHEAPER, SAFER, CLEANER AND SMARTER production.

  • Applicability across disciplines and collaboration possibilities: Today there is limited collaboration between operational disciplines on the asset, and across assets. Our Kognitwin helps tear down silos between disciplines and presents contextualized data to end-users. Increasing cross-functional collaboration leads to improved decision-making, better insight for all stakeholders and best-practice comparisons. This in turn can help reduce environmental footprint and increased safety. 

  • Proven technology at the core: Kongsberg has a significant history with digitalization and simulation of oil and gas facilities. We have over the past 25 years invested in excess of quarter of a billion USD in facility simulation, transient multiphase flow and topsides, and we deliver this to more than 100 assets today. We have leveraged this investment to, jointly with industry, build digital twins to drive collaboration and facility performance.