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Kognitwin Energy

Beyond the visuals - new technology, new benefits, digitalization at scale

Our Dynamic Digital Twin, Kognitwin, is an enabler for digitalization of oil & gas assets at scale. Visualization of an asset or a set of assets is one aspect, but the application scope goes vastly beyond this. Kognitwin will digitally recreate an asset that is continuously updated with contextualized information reflecting the status of the asset in real-time. The key differentiator is our high-fidelity simulators which enable accurate simulation of process data combined with real-time and historical data, enabling advanced machine learning, AI and higher levels of autonomy. With the new digitalized version of the asset, the company who operates or owns the asset will be equipped with the ability to simulate scenarios and uncover options for optimization of its real-life counterpart, whether the goal is increased efficiency, sustainability or safety.

This is Kognitwin

A digital twin in its simplest form visualizes assets and/or processes in 3D and 2D​

… adding asset-related data to facilitate a single source for asset information and documentation​

… adding real-time data, combined with high fidelity physical models enables improved planning, operations and maintenance activities​

… layering on machine learning algorithms and combining those with high fidelity physics provides increased model accuracy and drives data-driven decision making​

... automate decisions, reduce dependency on human interference and drive towards autonomy​

Proven technology at the core

KONGSBERG has invtested more than 20 years and $200M into developing our high-fidelity multipurpose dynamic simulators, K-Spice and Ledaflow, which make up the core of Kognitwin. These simulators are deployed at 90 existing assets worldwide.

Read our feasibility study where Equinor explores benefits of Kognitwin to enable unmanned offshore facilities

Applicability across DISCIPLINES

Today there is limited collaboration between operational disciplines on the asset, and across assets. Our Kognitwin helps tear down silos between disciplines and presents contextualized data to end-users. Increasing cross-functional collaboration leads to improved decision-making, better insight for all stakeholders and best-practice comparisons. This in turn can help reduce environmental footprint and increased safety.

Applicability across the asset lifecycle​

Kognitwin brings value to both greenfields and brownfields. Explore potential for value in the lifecycle.

Digital Twin for Greenfield

A greenfield digital twin is a model of a planned physical installation, rather than a virtual representation of an existing asset. It is a dynamic model that can be used to simulate the behavior of the installation, improve the design, reduce design and engineering, construction, and installation time, and assess operational procedures, production efficiency, and improve efficiency in the maintenance process.

Digital Twin for Greenfield

Digital Twin for Brownfield

In a brownfield context, use of a digital twin allows the operations and maintenance teams to familiarize themselves with an existing installation and try out various solutions virtually, before undertaking modifications or repairs.

Digital Twin for Brownfield

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