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Our solutions for the energy sector enable your organization to optimize and manage your operations. From design to end-of-life of your assets, we help you increase safety, reduce costs, and save time on land, under water, and offshore.

Oil and Gas

Real-time data aggregation, visualization and advisory solutions for all phases of well construction. Multiphase flow simulation solutions for engineering studies, operator training, and real-time production and flow assurance.

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Kongsberg Digital’s Dynamic Digital Twin, Kognitwin Energy, will digitally recreate an asset that is continuously updated with contextualized information reflecting the status of the asset in real-time. The key differentiator is our high-fidelity simulators which enable accurate simulation of process data combined with real-time and historical data, enabling advanced machine learning, AI and higher levels of autonomy. With the new digitalized version of the asset, the company who operates or owns the asset will be equipped with the ability to simulate scenarios and uncover options for optimization of its real-life counterpart, whether the goal is increased efficiency, sustainability or safety.


Free Webinar 📆 From Oil & Gas to #NetZero

Did you miss the webinar regarding #NetZero? We got you covered, watch the full recording of the session by clicking below. In the session, we will celebrate the successful 20 years of LedaFlow advanced transient multiphase flow simulation software as well as present our vision for the future. Together with experts from partner companies, we will introduce the technology journey, unveil real use cases and discuss the role of flow assurance in the energy transition.