Reaching new frontiers:

The gas should be greener on the other side

Sustainability. Greener operations. Net-zero emissions. At the least, we can say these are 2021 buzzwords. And not without reason – following the COP26 UN Climate Talks in Glasgow just a short while ago, more than 150 countries submitted climate goals to cut emissions by 2030.

  • Text:Brian Carey

Sustainability. Greener operations. Net-zero emissions.

Although some of the net-zero targets are vague or limited in scope, it is increasingly obvious that shifting towards green solutions will continue to take precedence in future climate talks with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions worldwide by 2050.

Rising C02 levels resulting in higher global temperatures continue to plague the ambition of a sustainable shift towards greener operations within the energy industry. Simulation scenarios looking ahead towards the year 2100 paint a worsening situation with run-over effects across all areas of the industry if the move from hydrocarbon to new energy sources is not prioritized. The focus now is to balance the retention of traditional oil and gas processes with the development and emergence of new energy sources such as natural gas, wind, nuclear, biomass, and hydrogen.

Energy companies continue to change, shifting from one-direction flows to bi-directional with more diversity in loads and sources, sizes, and energy types. We are at the threshold of a new frontier: the renewable energy landscape is ready for companies to enter on both the demand and supply sides.

Sustainability and greener operational ambitions have gone from market needs to market demands and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Kongsberg Group (KONGSBERG) acknowledges this and continues to deliver groundbreaking innovations to meet this growing demand – most recently, the world’s first electric and self-propelled container ship Yara Birkeland developed in collaboration with the Kongsberg Group departed for its maiden voyage, a novel first leg in the journey towards emission-free shipping.

Brian Carey, Strategic Growth Director at Kongsberg Digital, has extensive experience in sustainable energy, engineering, technology, and finance. Here’s an overview of what he discussed at our Digital Power Hours: How digital twin supports the green shift.

Within the context of an ever-evolving energy transition and green shift, Kongsberg Digital identifies two priorities:

  1. Reducing emissions associated with traditional energy use.
  2. New sustainable green energy sources.

In both approaches, our digital twin Kognitwin can be used to improve the economics and viability of renewable energy resources in a traditionally low-margin environment. Kognitwin builds a virtual representation of your physical industry asset in the cloud and brings in various data sources to offer contextualization and visualization for a wider eco-system of working. With 2D and 3D imagery, it provides optimized performance for the planning and execution of asset locations, routes, maintenance, and data in a way that helps everyone on your team gain a clear overview of asset operations. It enables the automation of complex decisions and provides a single source of accurate and secure data for all users, with integration abilities to enable ROV Video streams, P&ID visualization, documentation, alarms and events data, photogrammetry, and much more. Think of it as your new Industrial Work Surface, an online-accessible platform that allows you to carry your worksite with you everywhere you go.

Our digital twin enables you to achieve lucrative milestones in the path towards net-zero targets:

  • Energy efficiency: Unlock lowered energy consumption in your facility, with production stabilization and optimized energy management for traditional energy assets.
  • Carbon capture storage: Track the capture, transport, and storage aspects of carbon capture, with an overview of the whole value chain and an emphasis on exceptional visibility and efficiency throughout the process.
  • Supply chain management (SCM): Leverage Kognitwin to recognize emissions elements, with the ability to include emissions criteria in the selection criteria for suppliers.
  • End-to-end carbon transparency: Track C02 emissions across your value chain for carbon-conscious consumer enablement. Now you can easily communicate emissions and other data to customers, stakeholders, and anyone else in a reliable, painless way.

Kognitwin’s Industrial Work Surface is the vehicle we built to facilitate your drive towards the green shift – scale your operations while decreasing your carbon footprint to play your part in the energy transition. Now personnel can work remotely, operations are transparent and more sustainable, and business resilience improves with data quality and security that mitigates the impact of business-critical issues. Energy consumption is optimized, activities are executed efficiently, and workers are connected seamlessly. We’re here to help you shift and save for a greener, cleaner industry.

It’s time to reimagine the way you work.