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Faster and more accurate Slugging simulations with LedaFlow v2.7

Kongsberg Digital announce the latest version of the advanced transient multiphase flow simulator, LedaFlow v2.7. This new version brings the latest in Slug Capturing research and development by the LedaFlow partners to the market and can enable the design and operation of longer subsea tiebacks. This can reduce the need for additional production platforms which results in large cost saving and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Some more details on the new version of Slug Capturing and the other improvements in LedaFlow v2.7 are given below: 

  1. A new solution algorithm released for Slug Capturing together with physical model accuracy improvements. This gives much less numerical diffusion with more accurate results using the same grid size. All of this also leading to faster simulation speed
  2. Dispersion evolution model added: This allows for modelling evolution of gas bubbles and liquid droplet sizes
  3. Improved prediction for oil-water dispersion in near-horizontal flow
  4. Improved accuracy for pressure drop and hold-up predictions in vertical flow
  5. Wax deposition model improvements allowing more detailed lab data input
  6. Robustness improvements in pure CO2 model
  7. A basic easier-to-use Python interface included
  8. Near vacuum condition support extended to PVT-table based fluids

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Mike Branchflower
Strategic Sales Manager - Digital Energy

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