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Kongsberg Digital is pleased to announce the hire of Benedicte Willumsen Grieg in a newly created position as Vice President Strategy. Willumsen Grieg will be part of the management team, reporting to Hege Skryseth. She will work to support the company's further growth, with a special focus on strategy projects and operationalization, closely linked to strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Willumsen Grieg comes from the position as VP Business Development in Kongsberg Digital’s parent company the Kongsberg Group, where she led and supported acquisition and strategy processes across the group's business areas. She will take up the position on 1st October.

"During my years in the Kongsberg Group, I have worked closely with Kongsberg Digital. I strongly believe that technology and software are the future for traditional industry, both to secure new opportunities and to help solve the world's challenges, especially related to sustainability. The industry both has an interest in, and shows an enormous willingness to invest in, technology for the future. We have many strong technology clusters in Norway, and the Kongsberg Group is a leader in many areas. Closely linked to the Kongsberg Group's DNA of being number one in its field and delivering critical solutions to extreme operations, Kongsberg Digital has positioned itself to revolutionize the way one works in complex industries globally. Kongsberg Digital is based on domain knowledge, market positions and many years of investments in this market, and with the Kongsberg Group as an important partner, we have a solid position to realize our growth ambitions. The intersection between traditional industry and software-as-a-service is incredibly exciting, and I hope I can help realize some of the positions we want to take", says Benedicte Willumsen Grieg.

Kongsberg Digital's vision is to digitalize the world's industries. The company delivers cloud-based, dynamic, and scalable products to complex industries, including the maritime sector, oil and gas, processing, and renewable energy. To ensure growth in these industries, as well as explore new market positions, the company is dependent on a proactive strategy where both partnerships and acquisitions will be considered. Willumsen Grieg will be responsible for much of this work.

"Benedicte is a great strategic and commercial addition to Kongsberg Digital, and I am very happy to have her in our management team. Kongsberg Digital is growing rapidly, and we are on an exciting journey. It will be extra valuable for us to have Benedicte on the team in the growth phase we are in", says Hege Skryseth, President, Kongsberg Digital.

Before joining the Kongsberg Group in 2018, Willumsen Grieg worked as Head of Strategy in Telenor Digital’s Financial Services. She also has several years of experience from the management consulting company Arkwright, and a master's degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Willumsen Grieg is a board member of Kongsberg Innovation, Grieg Kapital and Grieg Foundation.

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Morten Hansen
Marketing Director

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