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Kongsberg Digital is today launching their new frontend to their maritime digital ecosystem, the Kognifai Marketplace. The marketplace will support ship owners and operators on their path to operational excellence by providing easy access to market-leading digital applications  


“Collaboration is key in digitalizing the maritime industry. That is why we created the first open maritime digital ecosystem, Kognifai, in 2017. Four years in, we have a fast-growing number of partners offering a variety of different digital solutions on top of our Vessel Insight data infrastructure. Now we want to make it even easier for customers to navigate this offering and find the best solution for their unique needs – by offering a true one-stop-shop for maritime digitalization, said Andreas Jagtøyen”, Executive Vice President of Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital. 

On the Kognifai Marketplace customers can choose from numerous powerful applications that turn their vessel data into value. This will enable the industry to accelerate performance and sustainability efforts and increase profitability through utilizing new technologies and innovation. The applications are covering a wide range of solutions from maintenance optimization and equipment monitoring, fuel management, route and voyage planning to market intelligence.

All applications on the Kognifai Marketplace are supported by Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight secure data infrastructure. Vessel Insight is delivered as a subscription-based service, which means no need for large up-front investments and costly updates.

“Every ship owner has unique needs and requirements, which also change over time, said Andreas Jagtøyen. The Kognifai Marketplace will make it easier to find and access the best solution at any time. Since all these applications are integrated with Vessel Insight, the users can try out and switch between solutions as they progress on their digital journey.”

Explore the Kognifai Marketplace to find applications for:

  •  Maintenance & Equipment Monitoring
  • Voyage Optimization
  • Fuel & Energy Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Communication & Connectivity
  • Compliance & Reporting

Take a look at the Kognifai Marketplace here

To learn more about Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight, click here.

Morten Hansen
Marketing Director

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