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Shaping the future of AI: Kongsberg Digital joins the new NorwAI research center

(Asker 16.11.20) The Norwegian Center for Research-Based Innovation in Artificial Intelligence (NorwAI) opened on Thursday 12.10.20. Kongsberg Digital is one of the eleven partners in this initiative, together with other relevant media, technology and finance companies.

The Norwegian Center for Research-Based Innovation in Artificial Intelligence (NorwAI) opened on Thursday 12.10.20, with digital participation from partners from all over Norway. Located in Trondheim and under NTNU and SINTEF’s leadership, the center will be a growth engine that brings together the largest players in business and academia for business-oriented research and innovation. 

The pace of innovation will be increased for the business community when Norwegian companies invest large sums in artificial intelligence. Kongsberg Digital support this ambition and is one of the eleven partners in this initiative, together with other relevant media, technology and finance companies like DNB, Telenor, Schibsted and DNV-GL.

We are proud of stepping up the AI research together with other partners. Our research into Hybrid AI will enable us to combine the powers of Machine Learning with the safety and precision of our dynamic process simulators, K-Spice and Ledaflow. The innovations will enable Kognitwin Energy to deliver scalable and safe solutions to problems that the Energy industry cannot achieve with purely data-driven approaches.
Michael Link, VP of Software Development in Kongsberg Digital, and member of NorwAI’s board of directors

Michael adds that the solutions Kognitwin EnergySitecom and Vessel Insight, all enable our customers to collect and contextualise data. Thus, AI-powered applications help the customers to improve efficiency, save costs and reduce environmental impact.  

Kongsberg Digital actively uses AI to enable predictions and improved performance on digital twins of energy assetsThrough sensor-based function, intelligent teams on top of twins can simulate situations and act when values ​​go in the wrong direction. Artificial intelligence enables machines to understand, evaluate and analyze, learn along the way and can help to make decisions

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Shaping AI for improved decisions and business performance 

Artificial intelligence has the power to create fundamental changes in the digital transformation Norway is facing. From data, values ​​must be forged. At the new center, the researchers and students will work closely with industrial partners to achieve the goals defined by the companies. 

NorwAI consists of both heavy Norwegian industrial locomotives and younger, digital companies. This is a center for research-driven innovation, and then it is in the name that it should not only accommodate research - but also innovation. 

The purpose of the center is to develop groundbreaking theories, methods and technology for efficient and responsible use of data-driven artificial intelligence in innovative industrial solutions, says Professor Jon Atle Gulla, head of the new center NorwAI, at the Department of Computer Technology and Informatics at NTNU. 

Kongsberg Digital will work on the studies focused on Hybrid Analytics, aiming to solve problems by using physics-based models and simulators in addition to Machine Learning. Through advanced AI solutions, the company expects to quickly deliver safe, trustworthy and explainable forecasting and optimisation solutions to the industry. 

 Our team is excited to be part of this community together with experienced professors, researchers and industry experts. We believe innovation is boosted when we collaborate. At Kongsberg Digital, we work in cross-functional teams and our engineers get to solve real-world problems by combining AI with 3D, VR, data contextualisationscience and cloud-based web application development. They are motivated by difficult problems and continuous user feedback. This initiative will be a great learning and networking opportunity” says Michael Link. 

Kongsberg Digital's software development department has over 350 talented software engineers, user experience designers, 3D experts and Machine Learning experts. The team is transforming the Energy and Maritime industries and is always looking for new team members to join this mission. 

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About NorwAI 

NorwAI is funded by the Research Council of Norway together with the partners. Almost NOK 300 million will be used for research, teaching and AI innovation, where about two thirds comes from companies and one third come from the Research Council. NorwAI will run for up to eight years.   

Research partners are NTNU, SINTEF, the University of Oslo, the University of Stavanger and the Norwegian Computing Center.  

A center for research-driven innovation hangs very high, is advertised only every five years and the eye of the needle is determined by international experts, panels for assessment of innovation and value creation, and a separate relevance assessment carried out by the Research Council. AI (artificial intelligence) as a disruptive force becomes a core area for Norway in digital transformation. A national center for AI is important for most other technologies.   

With many AI solutions today, you only get one answer out, while there is a lack of identification for how the machine arrived at the answer - because you do not understand or gain insight into the basis for the decision. In order to use artificial intelligence widely in society, it must therefore be possible to explain it, says Jon Atle Gulla.    

This is closely linked to privacy. In NorwAI, therefore, ethics will be a leading guideline and one will live up to the European vision of an open, sustainable and trust-building technology when machines become so important to society. 


Do you want to work for a company that actually creates the technology of tomorrow and is a globally recognized player in some of the biggest industries in the world? As we continue to grow, we are looking for extraordinary individuals to join our digital twin team. Our Dynamic Digital Twin for oil and gas, Kognitwin Energy, combined with our cloud-enabled simulators K-Spice and LedaFlow provide all the necessary infrastructure and data for delivering advanced analytic models and applications.

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