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Interview: What we look for when acquiring talent

An interview with Martine L’Orsa, Talent Acquisition Manager at Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital is a company in growth and we are always on the search for new top-talent. This is what we are looking for.

Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, energy and utilities. Since our establishment in 2016, we have contantly grown, and we are now looking to recruit more top talent.

Martine L’Orsa is Talent Acquisition Manager in Kongsberg Digital. In this interview, she explains what we can offer as a global software company and what she and her team are looking for when hiring. 

A genuine interest in technology

L’Orsa explains how most people they hire have a genuine interest in technology. There are plenty of good candidates, but to be the perfect fit, they are looking for more then “just” skills.

- Of course, you need to have the skills to fit the position and be hardworking, but we always want to find candidates who are truly interested in what we do and our company. We have had a lot of candidates who are perfect on paper, but don’t pass the technological evaluation. Those who pass, are very professionally skilled, have a drive and passion for their work and are interested in learning more about our industries. 

Kongsberg Digital employees

Start-up vibes

Kongsberg Digital is less then five years old and our vision is to digitalize the world’s industries, starting with the maritime, and energy sector. Technology is always evolving, and the need for new ways of working and integrating new types of solutions are in high demand in these industries. L’Orsa underlines how this gives you as an employee a unique chance to take part in developing groundbreaking technology.

- You need to be a “do’er” and like to build something from scratch and take ownership of it. A lot of our people really appreciate that they can be part of something from the start and follow it all the way through. There is still a start-up mentality in the company, and our employees have the opportunity build the products and influence the project from scratch. To do this, you have to have a genuine interest in tech creation that helps solve real needs. You don’t need the domain knowledge about the industries, that we can teach you, but you must be eager to learn.

Domain knowledge

KONGSBERG has a long legacy for developing advanced technology that enables humans to perform from the bottom of the ocean to outer space – extreme performance for extreme conditions. Deep domain knowledge, constant innovation, reliability and quality has given KONGSBERG trust and acknowledgement worldwide. We work until we get the job done. Kongsberg Digital is building on the competence from all of KONGSBERG and combines this with core software capabilities and digital know-how. We thrive to make the best solutions for the industries going forward.

- We are working on so many exciting and complex, often very challenging projects. This is something you have to be comfortable with and enjoy doing. Our employees find it motivating that the solutions and products we make are actually being used for something real, for something important and cutting-edge and of high value in the market.

Sounds interesting? 

If you're up for the challenge, don't hasitate to reach out. We are currently looking for developers, product managers, customer success managers, solutions architects and growth managers. We are also receiving open applications.

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Martine L'Orsa
Talent Acquisition Manager