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K-Spice 4.0 is released, offering improvements and new features

Since K-Spice was released there have been significant improvements with each iteration. Kongsberg Digital now unveils the 4th main version of our dynamic process simulator and moves towards the cloud, for deliveries on next generation technology.

The multipurpose dynamic simulator is a powerful solution throughout the life cycle of the plant. It enables verification and optimizations of both process design and control system, before and after the plant is in operation.


K-Spice helps Energy (Oil & Gas and LNG) companies to prepare for plant start-up and optimal operation, enabling improved efficiency in all project phases, besides reducing cost and saving time.

K-Spice has also been developed to provide unique insights into power grids which are incorporated in our Kognitwin Grid initiative. K-Spice offers the most accurate and user-friendly dynamic process simulation tool on the market and to make sure to meet market demands we are now deploying in cloud environments for new possibilities.

 Main K-Spice 4.0 Cloud features:

  • Deployment in a docker container for cloud-based simulation and seamless integration with KogniTwin Energy and Kognitwin Grid 
  • Availability with Python API, which makes K-Spice the ultimate tool for creating synthetic plant data for training Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence algorithms.

 By allowing K-Spice to run in the cloud it enables new possibilities in terms of scaling, flexibility, and more intuitive solutions. 

Along with the release comes performance enhancements, both for the front-end and the core model engine, along with additional feature improvements.

 Technical release demonstrations for engineering users are available through the internal teams site and the YouTube channel below:

K-Spice Dynamic Process Simulation

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K-Spice Dynamic Process Simulation

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