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Hunter Group ASA partners with Nautilus Labs, Kongsberg Digital and DNV GL to optimize fleet performance

Hunter Group ASA, a VLCC owner/operator based in Norway, formally commenced collaboration with Nautilus Labs, KONGSBERG, and DNV GL. The collaboration was forged with the goal of elevating Hunter’s focus on vessel operational excellence through a commitment to achieving a greener supply chain operation.

Kongsberg Digital will enable Hunter’s vessels with Vessel Insight, the next generation data infrastructure that will facilitate reliable and consistent sensor data connectivity and transmission to the cloud where it can be shared with partners of KONGSBERG’s ecosystem, such as DNV GL.

“We look forward to work with Hunter Group on their digital journey. Combining KONGSBERG’s unrivaled experience with systems integration and new digital services, like Nautilus Labs and DNV GL, delivered through the Kognifai Maritime ecosystem – is a significant leap in the right direction towards unlocking the full potential of digitalization” says Eirik Næsje, SVP Vessel Insight at Kongsberg Digital.

‘Nautilus, the technology firm advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce through artificial intelligence, has been selected by Hunter to deploy its decision support software solution across 7 new VLCCs. Access to Nautilus Platform will allow Hunter to reference a sophisticated system to ensure that the company maximizes vessel yield. Nautilus’s intelligent decision support solution unifies all fleet intelligence and recommends optimal operating configurations that will reduce Hunter’s environmental footprint and promote overall business sustainability.

DNV GL, ensuring safe operations in the maritime industry, will deliver digital class and independent verification services based on the collected data.

On the partnerships with the technology providers, Erik Frydendal, CEO at Hunter Group, says, “We’re partnering with Nautilus, KONGSBERG, and DNV-GL to collect high-frequency data from ship to shore and gain real-time insights into the performance of our vessels. Thanks to KONGSBERG’s interoperability, the integration with Nautilus and DNV GL works seamlessly and quickly, arming our teams with the insight they need to make better data-driven decisions that promote sustainability and drive meaningful savings for our business.”

Nautilus’s machine learning models inform the Platform’s prediction of vessel speed and consumption performance over the course of a given voyage, with a high degree of accuracy. Thus, Nautilus’s solution allows users to understand exactly how a change in RPM or Power will impact speed, fuel consumption, and arrival time on any voyage leg. Nautilus outputs precise predictions that take into account real life voyage scenarios and objectives, which will allow Hunter operations teams to weigh options more completely and find the outcome that meets constraints for each voyage, generating the highest possible return.

“We’re excited to partner with Hunter Group,” says Matt Heider, CEO at Nautilus Labs. “The company has some of the most sophisticated tankers on the market and we are confident in our ability to collaborate with our Kongsberg Digital and DNV GL counterparts to deliver significant financial and environmental returns to the client.”

Mathilde Vik Magnussen
VP Communications & Marketing

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