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Real-time drilling

Having the right information available at all stages of well construction helps to minimise non-productive time and reduce HSE incidents, both critical in improving cost-efficiency exploration environments. 

KONGSBERG offers solutions to help optimise your drilling activity and manage subsequent casing and cementing operations. The solution integrates all the information from the different service providers involved in your well construction activities into a common platform and monitors the KPI's that are important to each of these activities. 


  • Drill safely: By monitoring raw data and performing real-time calculations to deliver a clear "bigger picture" of activities, mitigate operational and HSE risks across all operational phases from spud to TD, and providing alerts according to predefined KPIs
  • Drill quickly: Optimise ROP by tracking hydraulic and drilling data sets to observe and improve current and future operations in real time 
  • Drill cheaply: Use real-time data to pre-empt to potential issues and prevent operational downtime or equipment failure and improve drilling efficiency 
  • Position accurately: Utilise real-time information in conjunction with historical and plan data to enhance well placement, geosteering, and hence achive optimal production 
  • Improve learning: Central standardised database enables pre- and post-well analysis, lessons learned, and training 
  • Reduce stuck pipe: Monitor all casing runs in real-time to ensure best practice is observed all the time, every time, preventing differential sticking
  • Confirm cementing: Monitor the quality of cement placement by integrating well-site data with wellbore and hydraulic models