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Rig Manager

Complete software suite for rig operations and management

As the pressure to deliver increases across the oil and gas industry, maximizing rigperformance is vital to both oil companies and drilling contractors. The Rig Manager®software suite was developed by and for offshore users to improve the overall control and efficiency of the daily operations and management of drilling vessels. With Rig Manager® you will have one standardized system for data input, reporting, analysis and control of a wide range of drilling and rig related assets and activities.

support the integrated operations way of work using real-time replicatin

Rig Manager provides a collaborative arena for day-to-day operations between onshore and offshore sites. Two-way real-time replication enables users on all sites to access and work with the system simultaneously and independent of link downtime. Rig Manager enables you to monitor and improve all your important rig-KPI's. 

optimize your contracts 

With Rig Manager you can manage your contract details and link the contractual rates to operational, the drilling timelog for the rig. Rates for logged activities will be automatically adjusted. 

Monitor and analyse your operational and equipment downtime

Rig Manager provides a dashboard with downtime graphs and direct drill down to reported details. You can search in all logged drilling data and display charts for downtime, compare rigs and shifts, set your performance targets and save your standards searches. 

Reduce your downtime through better planning

Rig Manager has a comprehensive planner toll that lets you integrate your maintenance and operational plan in order to avoid maintanance on the critical path and thus minimizing downtime. 

Access a complete history of all operations

With Rig Manager you will have easy access to all previous daily reports, accommodation data, exercises, safety meetings, experiences, lessons learned and all other data logged in the system. 

This system also provides time/depth analysis for all wells and version history for piptally, running list, BHA, risers and anchor lines. 

Enable your users to be more efficient

Rig Manager is made by and for offshore users. It also follows the Microsoft Office look and feel standard. This makes it an intuitive, targeted and efficient system for the users. In addition it eliminates the need for many spreadsheets and other ad-hoc systems and solutions. 

enable a standard process across units

Shared master data and unified reporting formats enables standardization of processes across units. 

Create best practises through accumulating experience and knowledge 

Log positive and negative experiences related to operations and HSE. Create technical and operational lessons learned. 


Rig Manager also comes with web, tables and mobile versions, enabling easy access to essential data anywhere.

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