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Production Monitoring System

Full picture production and look-ahead calculations

K-Spice® Assure is a real-time dynamic simulator that provides an overview of your oil and gas production system.

This real-time, multiphase, transient model monitors the entire production stream from the well to the inlet factilites providing operational decision support that is not readily available. 

K-Spice Assure is built upon Kongsbergs LedaFlow transient multiphase flow tool for for the most advanced accuracey.

K-Spice Assure makes it possible to ensure successful and stable flow of oil and gas from the reservoir to the point of sale avoiding potentil problems and contributing to your operators optimal production and performance. 

K-Spice® utilise available sensors in subsea and topside systems to gain a full picture of production along with predictive calculations. 

K-Spice® Assure can be configured with a wide range of smart applications. For example, one such application tracks injected chemicals, which makes it a powerful tool for determining possible hydrate and wax formation. The water’s salinity and the amount of inhibitor are used to determine the hydrate margin along the production pipes. 

The system also supports your operation by calculating how fast production can be ramped up by increasing choke openings without tripping the slug catchers due to any operational constraints.

An offline planning and analysis tool is available that can also be used for training.

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