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Virtual Flow Metering

Optimal production and performance

KONGSBERG has developed tools and workflows that use a dynamic model of the wells, flow lines, and reception facilities to solve flow measurement and allocation problems in a cost effective way.

The K-Spice® Meter flow metering systems, or production reconciliation systems, utilises a high-fidelity dynamic model and all available sensors in subsea and topside systems to provide you with a accurate overview of your metered production.

The reconciliation system is a powerful tool for:

  • Allocating production to wells minute by minute
  • Detecting sensor failure
  • Calculating high-quality estimates of production performance

The system is used to reconcile all measurement data in field operations, from bottom-hole to the metering skid downstream of the topside process.

Certain field developments are using the K-Spice Meter as the sole means for subsea fiscal allocation.